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How It Works Testimonials

Tiftn Dore

"You would SO love this Doggy Bootcamp! I want a dog just to do the class. It's not like you are working out but my sore body will tell you otherwise..."











"Daisy and Sadie: the post-workout routine"

"Daisy" is my 4 year old Beagle and "Sadie" is my almost 2 year old Beagle/Jack Russell Terrier mix. It took them a little while to "get with the program" but now they get so excited whenever we head to the park for class. They love running through the cardio drills, practicing their obedience skills and meeting their fellow doggy bootcampers. Since starting Thank Dog! Bootcamp, "Daisy" and "Sadie" slip into joyful doggy comas after every workout.

I signed up for the exercise and they came along for the socialization. Seven months later, we are still loving bootcamp! I love being able to work out with my dogs. An additional benefit has been the weight loss (I am at 55 pounds and counting!). And of course, I love my happier, healthier and sleepier dogs!!! Thanks to Heidi, Celeste and Lisa for bringing such a great program to NE Ohio!

~Diane Wakeley



Linda Augustus & Willie

This is willie! Other than his great genes, Thank Dog Bootcamp is the reason he is such a hunk! This is such a fun way for both of us to get exercise and spend time together. The workout for me has strengthened my whole body and is always challenging. We love this program!!!











Chrissy Nemeth & Annie

Thank dog boot camp puts the WOW in bow-wow! My dog Annie loves attending and I know when were done with the class, I will be bringing home a sleepy pup. Boot camp has been very successful in helping Annie with her obedience training and fitness. I credit Thank Dog for helping Annie pass her CGC test and helping keep her fit for coursing and agility. This has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had with my dog. We absolutely love it!